Yachting: A Family Affair

Yachting certainly elicits images of romance on the open sea, ports in exotic locales, champagne breakfasts and five-star dining. One does not necessarily think chicken fingers or little feet running around the deck. If planned correctly though, Yachting can be a family affair, and whether your children are young or teens, if you work with a broker that understands the necessity of having the perfect mix of boat, crew and locale, it will deliver a vacation that blows Disney World, quite literally, out of the water.


There are many Yachts now that are “Pro-Family” and have made design choices or adjustments to the ship and to the crew to make your Charter a spectacular vacation that is not all about the kids or all about the adults, but a true family experience.  Chartering a Yacht has the ability to offer endless adventure and experiences to everyone on board. Did I mention this does not include having to check in and out of numerous hotels?

Safety and Sanity: Traveling with children anywhere can be daunting, whether you are chartering a Yacht or driving to the grandparents, it takes logistics. Remember, this is a holiday for everyone, so ensuring safety pre charter can result in some needed sanity for parents once out at sea. Depending on the ages of the children, pocket doors, baby gates and surveillance are important features. Also, consider layout of the Yacht, open indoor space for children and placement of the cabins is key, if the only sleeping quarters for the children are clear across the yacht, it may not be the right choice. Also, safety glass or canvas on open passageways are good features. Don’t just think safety with toddlers, also consider your easily distracted teens.

It’s all about the Crew: The Crew is the X Factor behind any great Charter, and it is even more important with children. Captains, Deckhands and Stews are not nannies, but there are certainly Crews that have more experience and derive more pleasure from working with children. Captains who share nautical information and technology with a teen or a stewardess who creates a treasure adventure hunt on a sandy beach, will make everyone’s time feel special. A chef who can creates an exquisite dining experience but also makes a mean grilled cheese, may also be worthwhile.


Toys: Toys can bring a Yacht Charter experience to life and the yacht will hold enough toys no matter what your interest. Jet Skis, paddleboards, fishing and diving equipment; being at sea is all about being one with the nature. Many yachts even have inflatable waterslides and climbing walls, that can bring the kid out in anyone. The great thing about toys is that everyone gets to experience the ocean in their own way. A family that plays together, stays together, and that is what your vacation is all about.


Are we there Yet? The great answer to that question, is “yes, we are there”. The moment you step on board, your vacation begins. Your itinerary is important in deriving this complete experience. There are some kid friendly ports, such as Greece, the Bahamas, but this is truly family specific. What is it that you want to explore? Does your family love to dive, and explore marine life? Does your family want beaches, secluded islands, or the energy of a city assimilating with the culture of your destination? Working with your broker will assist in laying out an itinerary that can easily meet everyone’s wish list.

Yachting as a family will truly be the trip of a lifetime, dine on deck for breakfast, dive with the dolphins, explore a secluded beach and take a taste of town, all before lunch. Where else does luxury meet education, meet adventure, meet culture.