Destination: Emerald Waters & Pink Sand Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean, is almost a dichotomy of itself. With rugged mountainous interiors shaped by centuries of sea and weather, coupled with a pristine coastline of almost 2000 km of soft sandy beaches. The Italian island, that is much more Sardinian than Italian, attracts the celebrity and international elite who want to be seen, but also those that want to unravel the never ending wild natural interior, hiking and climbing the rugged mountains and steep cliffs.

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Adventures Onboard: Saba: The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean

One of the best things about being part of a Yacht Crew, is that your weekends off usually have you docked off the coast of some island, and when you are seeking adventure, there is no shortage of people to help you find it. I recall one such weekend, back in 2008, docked off St. Maarten, making the island of Saba the perfect quick jaunt for a getaway.

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Destination: St. Vincent and The Grenadines

While there are certainly those times that one wants “to see and be seen,” there are also times when a little seclusion can feel like paradise. If you travel via Yacht, to the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea, you will find peaceful seclusion right in paradise, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Chartering a Yacht to explore Saint Vincent, as it is commonly referred, is the perfect way to experience this lush and mountainous series of islands. Your itinerary will take you through the clearest of turquoise waters, zig zagging through miraculous islands of pink, white and black sandy beaches. Drop anchor and spend your days exploring, playing and relaxing.


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The Ultimate Charter Destination: Cuba in 5 amazing photos

Cuba, once an unlikely wish list destination, today is a reality. There is no better way to access the once inaccessible than via an exclusively designed yacht charter. Super Yachts are cutting the red tape so elite travelers can cut through the Caribbean Sea onto Cuban shores. Travelers will experience a contradiction of time, stepping back into the past where time stood still, while embarking on Cuba’s future.



Cuba entices with its culture; stroll through the cobblestone streets of Old Havana, visit 16th century castles and untouched neo classical and art deco architecture, while 1950 American cars cruise past. Experience what is now being referred to as the “new” Cuban revolution, the Cuban food movement. Organic farm to table restaurants are springing up literally on the farmland.

Nightfall in Cuba brings cultured classical ballets and world-class philharmonic orchestras, but one should not end the evening without experiencing the authentic and local sound of Cuban Salsa.


Many may begin to travel to Cuba, but an elite few, will experience the island via yacht, accessing pristine coves, pioneering anchorages and cruising grounds. The marine life and coral reefs are unspoiled providing divers and snorkelers a unique experience.  Local environmentalists are available to provide insight to Cuba’s Coral Reef Protection Program.

Explore the Peninsula of Varadero’s caves and nearby chains of virgin cays. Escape tourism 100 miles south of Havana on Cayo Largo, where your only decision will be whether to first lounge on the 17 miles of white sandy beaches or dive the black coral reef.



This yacht adventure will be epic, but maybe even an opportunity to be part of something larger than just travel, but history.


4 once-in-a-lifetime luxury escapes you and your family will never forget

Tahiti and Moorea

The locals and the culture are unparalleled on these two beautiful South Pacific Islands. Live like a local and see the sun rise over Tahiti while you row an outrigger canoe past Sailing Yachts and Super Yachts; dance the traditional ‘ote’a like no one is watching and savor the finest French influenced island cuisine. If you still need a little more action; cycle your way around Moorea, stopping only to catch a surf break and browse the talented local jeweler’s for the beautiful black pearls.

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