Happy New Year – From St. Bart’s XOXO

The world’s elite yachts will soon begin to assemble off the coast of Saint Barthelemy, or more commonly known as St. Bart’s, in the Gustavia Harbor, to celebrate the advent of another year. The French island will once again play host to the world’s A-list celebrities and powerful international set as they entertain aboard their yachts throwing exclusive celebrations reminiscent of the golden ages.

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Destination: Yacht Charter to Maine

This month’s charter destination, may be the untold story in yachting, or at the very least, a story, many are trying to keep to themselves. The most northeastern state in the US, Maine has been drawing visitors for centuries, but the only way to visit Maine is to set sail on the 3,400 miles of rugged coastline. Maine’s coast creates a perfect navigational maze not accessible via any coastline highway, in fact, none exist in Maine. To truly explore this unique destination, one must raise their sails.


Depending on when you cruise, the weather and conditions in Maine are the perfect complement to Maine’s backdrop. Late summer provides warm days that give way to cool evenings. The minimal but present fog, provides a cloak, that lifts itself, unveiling the next island or cove to explore. The rugged coastline is almost always in view, and watching a day come to a close wrapped in a cashmere throw on deck, with a lighthouse that is still shining on the end of the island, is almost a call to Maine.

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Adventures Onboard: Crossing Oceans

Since I have traded my deck shoes for flats and the sea for an office, one of my favorite things to do is scroll through pictures of my adventures at sea and recollect on the inspiring sights, places, people and experiences. I thought it might be fun to start a blog series, which is basically me sharing my Adventures Onboard with you.


I have crossed oceans countless of times, literally I cannot recollect just how many times I made the trip across the pond between Florida and the Mediterranean or crossed the Pacific. Setting sail in San Diego or from the Galapagos, crossing the Ocean always brings adventure. The seas can become rough and swells can soar, storms move through, sun rises and sun sets look different mid ocean. We would perform ceremonies as we passed over the equator and maybe just a few times some not advised mid ocean swimming.

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The Ultimate Charter Destination: Cuba in 5 amazing photos

Cuba, once an unlikely wish list destination, today is a reality. There is no better way to access the once inaccessible than via an exclusively designed yacht charter. Super Yachts are cutting the red tape so elite travelers can cut through the Caribbean Sea onto Cuban shores. Travelers will experience a contradiction of time, stepping back into the past where time stood still, while embarking on Cuba’s future.



Cuba entices with its culture; stroll through the cobblestone streets of Old Havana, visit 16th century castles and untouched neo classical and art deco architecture, while 1950 American cars cruise past. Experience what is now being referred to as the “new” Cuban revolution, the Cuban food movement. Organic farm to table restaurants are springing up literally on the farmland.

Nightfall in Cuba brings cultured classical ballets and world-class philharmonic orchestras, but one should not end the evening without experiencing the authentic and local sound of Cuban Salsa.


Many may begin to travel to Cuba, but an elite few, will experience the island via yacht, accessing pristine coves, pioneering anchorages and cruising grounds. The marine life and coral reefs are unspoiled providing divers and snorkelers a unique experience.  Local environmentalists are available to provide insight to Cuba’s Coral Reef Protection Program.

Explore the Peninsula of Varadero’s caves and nearby chains of virgin cays. Escape tourism 100 miles south of Havana on Cayo Largo, where your only decision will be whether to first lounge on the 17 miles of white sandy beaches or dive the black coral reef.



This yacht adventure will be epic, but maybe even an opportunity to be part of something larger than just travel, but history.