Chartering 101: What Truly Happens Aboard a Yacht Charter. Part 2

Having covered the level of service and culinary delights you can expect onboard your next luxury yacht charter in Chartering 101, part 1, it is only appropriate to follow this with the reasons why Yachts, are the only way, one should vacation.

Endless Experiences: 

While on board, your crew will create fun experiences throughout your charter. Think lobster bakes or barbeque lunches on a private island, transforming the seashore into your personal dining room. Themed evenings with the crew, are a fun way to incorporate some silliness into the trip, maybe a disco night? If there are kids on board, there is nothing like an authentic scavenger hunt, island side where they discover actual treasure. Your crew will incorporate “your kind of fun” into your charter.


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Adventures Onboard: Part 1: The Archipelago of the Azores

Today I wanted to share a story of unexpected adventure during one Atlantic Crossing, in which, we explored a touch more of the Atlantic Ocean than originally planned. We were told by weather routers, that we would need to make a stop over in the Azores. Weather routers are professional weather forecasters who prepare route recommendations based on the forecast. Needless to say they are invaluable on the high seas, and while we were not looking forward to finding a rare safe haven along the Archipelago to anchor, we heeded their warning.


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Adventures Onboard: Crossing Oceans

Since I have traded my deck shoes for flats and the sea for an office, one of my favorite things to do is scroll through pictures of my adventures at sea and recollect on the inspiring sights, places, people and experiences. I thought it might be fun to start a blog series, which is basically me sharing my Adventures Onboard with you.


I have crossed oceans countless of times, literally I cannot recollect just how many times I made the trip across the pond between Florida and the Mediterranean or crossed the Pacific. Setting sail in San Diego or from the Galapagos, crossing the Ocean always brings adventure. The seas can become rough and swells can soar, storms move through, sun rises and sun sets look different mid ocean. We would perform ceremonies as we passed over the equator and maybe just a few times some not advised mid ocean swimming.

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