Destination: Emerald Waters & Pink Sand Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean, is almost a dichotomy of itself. With rugged mountainous interiors shaped by centuries of sea and weather, coupled with a pristine coastline of almost 2000 km of soft sandy beaches. The Italian island, that is much more Sardinian than Italian, attracts the celebrity and international elite who want to be seen, but also those that want to unravel the never ending wild natural interior, hiking and climbing the rugged mountains and steep cliffs.

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Chartering 101: What Truly Happens Aboard a Yacht Charter. Part 2

Having covered the level of service and culinary delights you can expect onboard your next luxury yacht charter in Chartering 101, part 1, it is only appropriate to follow this with the reasons why Yachts, are the only way, one should vacation.

Endless Experiences: 

While on board, your crew will create fun experiences throughout your charter. Think lobster bakes or barbeque lunches on a private island, transforming the seashore into your personal dining room. Themed evenings with the crew, are a fun way to incorporate some silliness into the trip, maybe a disco night? If there are kids on board, there is nothing like an authentic scavenger hunt, island side where they discover actual treasure. Your crew will incorporate “your kind of fun” into your charter.


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Destination: Yacht Charter to Maine

This month’s charter destination, may be the untold story in yachting, or at the very least, a story, many are trying to keep to themselves. The most northeastern state in the US, Maine has been drawing visitors for centuries, but the only way to visit Maine is to set sail on the 3,400 miles of rugged coastline. Maine’s coast creates a perfect navigational maze not accessible via any coastline highway, in fact, none exist in Maine. To truly explore this unique destination, one must raise their sails.


Depending on when you cruise, the weather and conditions in Maine are the perfect complement to Maine’s backdrop. Late summer provides warm days that give way to cool evenings. The minimal but present fog, provides a cloak, that lifts itself, unveiling the next island or cove to explore. The rugged coastline is almost always in view, and watching a day come to a close wrapped in a cashmere throw on deck, with a lighthouse that is still shining on the end of the island, is almost a call to Maine.

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