Happy New Year – From St. Bart’s XOXO

The world’s elite yachts will soon begin to assemble off the coast of Saint Barthelemy, or more commonly known as St. Bart’s, in the Gustavia Harbor, to celebrate the advent of another year. The French island will once again play host to the world’s A-list celebrities and powerful international set as they entertain aboard their yachts throwing exclusive celebrations reminiscent of the golden ages.

St. Bart’s is the chicest Caribbean spot and becoming a popular destination for travelers that appreciate a little elegance alongside their tropical charm. The winter holiday with the culmination of New Year’s eve is the most popular times of year to travel. This idyllic 8 square mile island boasts beaches of pure white sand and turquoise waters that melt into the sky, along with renowned shopping and fine dining that are scattered along the charming cobblestone streets.


Those with an appreciation for Yachts will be awed by the collection of awe inspiring vessels dotting the shoreline this holiday season. Roman Abramovich, billionaire, in years past, had his 162.5m/533ft Yacht Eclipse anchored to host the exclusive new year’s celebration.

With twenty fabulous beaches on the island, it is hard not to spend some of your trip, just lying on the white sand beaches or snorkeling the coral reef coastline that encircles the island. The ocean currents create ideal snorkeling conditions, where you will share the waters with dolphins, sea turtles, and even migrating whales. Your Yacht charter can drop you at Colombier Beach, which is only accessible via boat or hike, and is the perfect place to rejuvenate in seclusion. Tired o being alone, head to Baie de St. Jean to grab a concoction at the Pink Parrot, where the vibe is a little more party alongside your beach.


Take a stroll and grab a burger at Le Select, where it is rumored Jimmy Buffet received inspiration for his “Cheeseburger in Paradise” or experience dining fusion at L’ Espit Saline in one of the more to be seen venues. Think sexy sarongs and jeweled caftans versus the little black dress, and one should not leave without dancing the night away table top at Le Ti St. Barth, so skip the Jimmy Choo’s.

This charter to St. Bart’s may actually have it all, glam, sophistication, laid back charm, the ability to be unplugged in natural seclusion or to be seen at one of the most exclusive parties in the world. tchin-tchin!