The Western Mediterranean

Exclusive Lifestyles. Refined Revelry. Stunning Vistas.

Grand Escapes and
Enclaves of Opulence.

Known for some of Europe’s most enticing cities, the Western Mediterranean is a journey through impeccable taste and luxury. This is the world’s most exclusive playground – with cities like Monte Carlo, Cannes, Monaco, and Nice constantly hosting an elite caliber of guests. Palatial hotels and casinos, flawless beaches, couture fashion, and Michelin-quality dining are de rigueur

here. Postcard-perfect villages like Positano, Sorrento, and Portofino deliver beautiful architecture, al fresco dining, and fashionable beaches. And points throughout Spain offer an exciting mix of modern art, historic culture, and non-stop nightlife.

Endless Activities

We delight in creating daily itineraries that include sightseeing, shopping, local dining, and an intimate look at authentic culture and entertainment.
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