The South Pacific

Worlds Away from Ordinary. Authentic Tribal Culture. Unspoiled Escapades.

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For decades, the allure of the South Pacific has been rooted in just how far off it is from everything else. This isn’t a land of towering hotels and non-stop nightlife – these are islands that move to a gentle Tiki rhythm. Native islanders in Fiji and Tonga bring you tropical fruits and handicrafts from their canoes. Surfers in Tahiti take on the challenge of the world’s largest waves. Manta rays, whale sharks, and whales glide gracefully through the open, expansive waters off the Marquesas and Cook Islands.

Pearl divers harvest the shimmering black pearls of the Tuamotos. The famous postcard-picture beaches and resorts of Bora Bora beckon you to simply relax, while Moorea’s active outdoor atmosphere calls to your sense of adventure. Steep volcanic peaks are covered with rainforests and jungles and plunge deep into the ocean. You won’t just see it, you’ll live it like few ever get the chance to do.

Endless Activities

We delight in creating daily itineraries that include sightseeing, shopping, local dining, and an intimate look at authentic culture and entertainment.
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