New England

Classically Chic. A Yachtsman’s Escape. A Step Away from the Tropics.

A Village Ambience
Untouched by Time.

Like stepping into a history book, the picturesque coastal villages and islands of New England offer a distinctively different perspective on yachting life. Cedar-shingled cottages dot the shorelines of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, as do bicycles coasting along cobblestone roads to casual cafés and coffee shops. Lobster bakes and clam digs take place on the beaches of Boston,

Newport, and Kennebunkport, with sandy bonfires lasting well into the night. Sailboats and lighthouses dot the horizon, each more impressive than the last. The city seems oceans away – and yet, it’s never more than a ferry-ride away should the theatre or other pursuits beckon.

Endless Activities

We delight in creating daily itineraries that include sightseeing, shopping, local dining, and an intimate look at authentic culture and entertainment.
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