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An Intrepid Spirit
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When your inner pioneer calls, Yacht Play offers a special collection of destinations not found on mass-market travel sites – the places that can only be accessed from the decks of your own private yacht. Sail among the towering karst formations in Ha Long Bay, the pristine beaches of Ko Phi Phi, Borocay, or explore the rest of Southeast Asia. Coast through Papua New Guinea on

your way to the Great Barrier Reef or the captivating Sydney Harbor. Follow in the footsteps of Native American tribes ranging from the Pacific Coast of Mexico, through California and Canada, and all the way to the Inside Passage and glacial shores of Alaska. The farther away from the rest of civilization, the better.

Endless Activities

We delight in creating daily itineraries that include sightseeing, shopping, local dining, and an intimate look at authentic culture and entertainment.
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