Destination: St. Vincent and The Grenadines

While there are certainly those times that one wants “to see and be seen,” there are also times when a little seclusion can feel like paradise. If you travel via Yacht, to the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea, you will find peaceful seclusion right in paradise, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Chartering a Yacht to explore Saint Vincent, as it is commonly referred, is the perfect way to experience this lush and mountainous series of islands. Your itinerary will take you through the clearest of turquoise waters, zig zagging through miraculous islands of pink, white and black sandy beaches. Drop anchor and spend your days exploring, playing and relaxing.


Part of then Caribbean Windward island chain, Saint Vincent is comprised of 32 islands, only nine of which are inhabited. This leaves plenty of time to drop anchor in remote lagoons and snorkel among the reefs with only the marine life to keep you company. Afterword, your crew can set up a picnic on your own private island, pick one, and dine on fried jackfish and roasted breadfruit, the country’s national dish.

You may start your charter in the town of Bequia, where, in mid-April, is host to the annual Easter Regatta, an event that showcases world class sailing.

Your crew will drop anchor in magical Tobago Cay, known as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Southern Grenadines. The spot where Pirates of Caribbean was filmed, this breathtaking anchorage is a horseshoe of five uninhabited islands, creating a protected reef that is bursting with sea life.  In fact, the sea turtles will swim right up to you, allowing you to personally experience these incredible animals. Snorkeling and diving Tobago Cay is a once in a lifetime experience. Before you leave, take a hike up one of the islands with the iguanas, to catch a vista that you will not soon forget.


With exclusion and seclusion in mind, your super yacht will sail right to Mayreau, and since there is no airstrip, only those arriving by boat are lucky enough to explore this Caribbean Village, where time may have actually stood still. Mayreau is a fishing village home to about 300 residents, and is untouched retaining its authentic natural Caribbean beauty. Take a small hike up to the Mayreau Catholic Church and take in the awe inspiring views.

This island chain is unique in its ability to provide all one would want in a Yacht Charter in a single trip; peace, exploration, adventure and once in a lifetime experiences. The choices of islands to explore seem endless, private secluded islands, charming quaint villages, or even something a little livelier, like Young Island, where you can relax waterfront, enjoy five-star dining or just sip some of the local Sunset Rum and forget that you ever have to leave.