Destination: Emerald Waters & Pink Sand Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean, is almost a dichotomy of itself. With rugged mountainous interiors shaped by centuries of sea and weather, coupled with a pristine coastline of almost 2000 km of soft sandy beaches. The Italian island, that is much more Sardinian than Italian, attracts the celebrity and international elite who want to be seen, but also those that want to unravel the never ending wild natural interior, hiking and climbing the rugged mountains and steep cliffs.

Sardinia is perhaps one of the top destinations in all the Med, and exploring it via Yacht is kind of the only way. Mainly because of access to the areas that are inaccessible unless you are by boat, but also the ability to explore the depth the island has to offer by jaunting to each area with ease. The best part of the island are the areas only your crew will be able to share, hidden coves that don’t make it to any map.

Sardinia has over 7000 Nuraghi, ancient megalithic edifices, which populate the island. They resemble medieval towers on the outside and beehives inside. They date back to 15th century BC, and to date they remain an argued mystery. This uniqueness to only Sardinia is a backdrop to an island that is way more than a pretty face, but a combination of history, culture and natural wonders.

The Northern part of the island, is home to the illustrious Costa Smeralda, known as one of the most exclusive locations in all of Europe and home to the tourist who relies on private jets and helicopters for their arrival. Lux hotels and restaurants dot the shores of the spectacular beaches and you can be sure to share the sea with other luxury mega yachts stopping by.

It is not all a scene in the North, there will be lots of close opportunities for your crew to drop anchor allowing you to explore the untouched side of Sardinia’s hidden coves. Snorkel in emerald waters teaming with unique sea life.


Your Yacht Charter will sail to La Maddalena National Park, a cluster of granite islands, that is only accessible via Yacht. Travel to the uninhabited island of Budelli, largely considered to hold the most beautiful beaches in all of the Mediterranean. Spigga Rosa, a beach on Budelli, translates to, “pink beach” due to microscopic fragments of corals and shells that make up the soft pink sand.

Its interior is where the dichotomy begins, transitioning from island breezes to steep mountain cliffs, and never ending hikes to explore. The land is covered in sheep, used in making Sardinia cheese, and in the area of Asinara National Park, it is famous for the albino donkey. Elevation is not high, but centuries have shaped the landscape with steep climbs and challenging hikes, and while centuries old, the interior has the allusion of never being touched.


Most accurately described by travel writer Kerry Christinia, who said of Sardinia… “it is deceptive – it looks small on paper, but unravel it and it is huge.” The island is perfect for those that want to hike mountains, or those that want to sail and dive the emerald sea, but also kind of perfect for those who want to unroll a beach blanket, and cuddle down into the sand and count the Mediterranean breezes.