Chartering 101: What Truly Happens Aboard a Yacht Charter. Part 2

Having covered the level of service and culinary delights you can expect onboard your next luxury yacht charter in Chartering 101, part 1, it is only appropriate to follow this with the reasons why Yachts, are the only way, one should vacation.

Endless Experiences: 

While on board, your crew will create fun experiences throughout your charter. Think lobster bakes or barbeque lunches on a private island, transforming the seashore into your personal dining room. Themed evenings with the crew, are a fun way to incorporate some silliness into the trip, maybe a disco night? If there are kids on board, there is nothing like an authentic scavenger hunt, island side where they discover actual treasure. Your crew will incorporate “your kind of fun” into your charter.



You are never too old for toys, and aboard a Yacht Charter there are no shortage of toys, from paddle boards, to jet skis, to inflatable slides that dump you right into the ocean. Part of being on a Yacht Charter is experiencing the toys not beach side with a jumble of other tourists, but in privacy, out on the ocean.



As if this is not enough to book your charter, we have not gotten to the best part, the Destination or should I say, the Destinations. Itineraries are finely crafted to meet the individual needs of the guests. Stopping in places that most don’t ever experience. An old Whaling Village in Maine, or a hot spot in St. Barth’s. On a yacht charter, an itinerary can also be reworked easily due to weather or maybe just a whim.

A well-known secret, is that crews keep secrets throughout the ocean, special cays and anchorages, that maybe have an abandoned ship wreck teaming with marine life, perfect for the diver who has seen everything. Secluded islands with beach fronts of pink sand and turquoise waters.

Experiencing culture on shore is also a huge advantage to Yachting, as yachts are not limited to anchoring in large tourist stops, but can take you to ports that allow you to experience the true culture of your destination. Throughout the Caribbean or across the Mediterranean, there are worlds to discover.

The ultimate destination is the memories your will cultivate on a Yacht Charter. Freedom, fun and adventure abound, with the people that matter the most.

What are you waiting for…