Chartering 101: What Truly Happens Aboard a Yacht Charter. Part 1.

Traveling to any destination aboard a super yacht has its obvious advantages, but what truly happens when you step onboard your charter yacht? Here is a breakdown.


The biggest distinction in Yachting from every single other way of travel is Service. In Yachting, service encapsulates every aspect of the trip, the attention to detail ensures your experience is not only luxury but is completely tailored to your definition of luxury. Your professionally trained crew’s sole goal is to cater to your every whim, predict your whim before you can even whim.

It would be as if someone customized a five-star resort to your exact specifications, except this resort has the ability to sail to places people only dream of seeing.

Prior to arriving for your Charter, your Crew will work extensively from a preference sheet that you and your guests complete to establish everything from menus, dining style, to type of champagne you prefer to sip. Do you prefer dining family style el fresco on the top deck, or in the formal dining rooms with silver service? Wine pairings with local fare or midnight snacks? Are you an adventure seeker or do you envision spending days relaxing on secluded islands? The Crew will make sure all necessary provisions are on board. To take it a step beyond, your crew are experts at creating preferences and experiences  you did not know you had or wanted.



Food is not just food aboard a Yacht, it is a culinary experience, whether you pride yourself a high maintenance foodie or a meat and potatoes guy, your internationally trained chef, will create the perfect experience for you and your guests. Incorporate a catch from your days fishing success into a meal that gives new meaning to fresh seafood. If decadent desserts are more your style, prepare to be blown away. Even a well-trained chef, knows how to do a mean burger and fries.


Check back soon and we will walk you through the experiences, the yacht toys and the best part… the destinations.

Chartering 101. Unveiling what happens when you travel the Yacht Play way, and book a Yacht Charter.