Adventures Onboard: Part 2: The Unexpected Gem

Cruising into calm weather and with our final destination being Monaco, the yacht had to make a quick detour, to the Isle of Man.

Located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, the Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency. A rare destination for superyachts but they were happy to welcome us.

Paperwork was the purpose of our trip to the Island and with that commenced, the majority of the crew took the opportunity to explore. The feeling of stepping on land for the first time in three weeks, is surprisingly amusing, and we were all a little gitty, as we strolled the cobblestone streets in search of a proper British breakfast. We located the most perfect English café, and all dined on hot tea and bacon butties. For those who may not know, a bacon butty is a warm soft white roll, filled with butter, thick Danish bacon and usually tomato ketchup. It is delicious!

Our hunger satisfied, we then made a quick run through the local grocery store to reprovision. This is always a fulfilling job after weeks at sea. The local “Tesco’s,” had everything the Europeans, Australians and South Africans onboard could wish for. We could go into our Mediterranean season stocked up with nostalgic treats.

Yachties are known to have a little wanderlust, and are always up for exploring. So it came as no surprise that my colleagues were up for a guided tour of the island, so we all hopped aboard the bus.

We were all pleasantly surprised at the stunning beauty of The Isle of Man.

Growing up in the South West of England, I was accustomed to green rolling hills and narrow country roads edged with stone walls. I felt as if I were home.


We toured the Island, ate ice cream and drank tea on the sea front. We learned about the history and culture of this tiny island, and about the amazing Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, also know at “The TT”. The TT is an international road racing event which takes place late May through early June and is considered to be one of the world’s greatest motorcycling sporting events. We all vowed to be back for a future “TT” and I certainly still plan to.


The Isle of Man is an island full of parks, gardens, and national glens. We were all mesmerized by the simplistic and pure beauty of the land. It turned out to be one of those perfect days, where everything fell into place and had that magical feeling of uncovering something unexpected. I think that is the part of Yachting that speaks to me the most, this boundless ability to explore places, peoples and cultures. Some that you always knew you wanted to explore, and then there are those that you were not expecting, but forever change you in an amazing way.

Business done, crew refreshed, provisions onboard, we were ready to complete our journey to the Mediterranean.