Adventures Onboard: Crossing Oceans

Since I have traded my deck shoes for flats and the sea for an office, one of my favorite things to do is scroll through pictures of my adventures at sea and recollect on the inspiring sights, places, people and experiences. I thought it might be fun to start a blog series, which is basically me sharing my Adventures Onboard with you.


I have crossed oceans countless of times, literally I cannot recollect just how many times I made the trip across the pond between Florida and the Mediterranean or crossed the Pacific. Setting sail in San Diego or from the Galapagos, crossing the Ocean always brings adventure. The seas can become rough and swells can soar, storms move through, sun rises and sun sets look different mid ocean. We would perform ceremonies as we passed over the equator and maybe just a few times some not advised mid ocean swimming.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday, I found a picture of a time in 2009, when we were in the middle of the Pacific, halfway to Marquesas. The trip was pretty normal, when all of a sudden we realized the yacht was caught up in a large fishing net drifting just below the surface. This had potential to be dangerous if the net were to get caught in the propellors. Therefore the crew devised a plan to untangle the Yacht. Scuba gear was donned and deckhands jumped over board to manage the tender we were towing. In order to untangle the Yacht, we had to turn off the stabilizers, as the name indicates, stabilizers work with the ocean swells to stabilize the yacht. My self and the other stews double checked and stowed the interior.

When the stabilizers were turned off, we were awe struck. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, floating with the current and rising and falling with the waves; for me the feeling was tremendous, it was like I was one with the ocean. I moved when the ocean moved.

As quickly as the situation began, it was resolved, net freed and we were back on the road, so to speak. Seven days later we caught sight of land for the first time in fourteen days. Seeing the Islands of the Marquesas on the horizon, I imagined what the it must have been like for sailors ages ago, viewing the same thing I was. Of course, they were not aboard super yachts and their conditions were much tougher.

Oceans are tremendous in size and physicality, being in the middle of the ocean makes you feel, unsurprisingly small, but gives you the immense feeling of being free and in touch with nature. I will never take for granted the places I have seen, that few see and are only accessible via boat. I will never take for granted the sunrises that looked as if fire was touching the sea, Until I set sail again, I reminisce, and my views are a little different.  Currently, as I finish my story, I see my little daughter playing at the bottom of the stairs and to tell you the truth, that is a pretty spectacular view.